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Where innovation and authenticity collaborate to create simple solutions to complex problems. 

The Educated Hoodlums Brand

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At Educated Hoodlums Brand, our mission is to support small businesses and nonprofit organizations towards growth and sustainability through authentic data-driven strategies. We utilize data to develop and implement strategic plans in marketing, community engagement, and fundraising, providing tailored and innovative solutions for clients. 


Our vision is to be the leading thought partners and collaborators for small businesses and nonprofit organizations, recognized for transforming data into actionable strategies that drive sustainable growth, foster community engagement, and achieve impactful results. We aim to create a future where our clients thrive and build stronger, more connected communities through innovative and effective solutions. 

7 Core Values guide our day-to-day operations and company infrastructure: 

  • Data-Driven Excellence

  • Sustainable Impact

  • Community Engagement

  • Authenticity

  • Innovation

  • Integrity & Transparency

  • Collaboration & Partnership


How It Started

Our story at Educated Hoodlums began in 2019 with a clear mission: to create a space for authentic conversations about critical social issues facing the Black community. Founded by four passionate millennials – Stephan "Cashual" Burgess, Gia Claybrooks, Taurean "TJ" Jones, and ShaRika "Rika Pesos" Comfort – our podcast quickly became a beacon for those seeking insightful, culturally relevant discussions. As our podcast gained popularity, we realized the power of combining entertainment with education. We started incorporating real data and resources into our conversations, covering controversial topics like therapy, abortion, and Black parenting. 

In 2020, as the world faced the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we adapted and evolved. We launched a merchandise and apparel line that not only reflected our brand's style but also provided a unique interactive experience. Our apparel featured QR tags, or "cheat codes," on the sleeves, which directed users to exclusive content on our website. This concept, curated by Rika Pesos, turned our apparel into a "members-only" pass, adding value and intrigue.

Our first collection, Hoodie Season I, sold out within a week, showcasing our ability to connect with our audience and deliver products that resonate. Our success sparked curiosity among other entrepreneurs, wondering how we achieved such rapid success. 


In 2023, driven by a shared vision for growth and impact, Rika and TJ collaborated to restructure the business into a full consultancy. Drawing on their collective backgrounds in marketing, business development, nonprofit management, and community engagement, a new chapter for Educated Hoodlums began. 

How it Works

Beginning with a discovery call, we pair you with a consultant, or team of consultants with expertise in your project needs. We offer 30-day, 90-Day, and 6-month agreements with monthly payment plans.

Review our services information to learn more. 

Educated Hoodlums Strategy
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