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The Block:

The Educated Hoodlums Brand is a luxury lifestyle brand for the Urban Intellectual...

We didn't build a brand, we simply branded a lifestyle. A lifestyle that embodies the values, interests, aspirations and attitudes of the inner-city individual who has learned to navigate two worlds.

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Many ways to Connect, you just have to choose one!

Satisfied with your product or service? Leave us a review. Question or concern? Shoot an e-mail to our help center. Tap in our social media networks or even call or text us; just connect!

Educated Hoodlums Brand Apparel Smart Co

The Bookstore:

Cop your exclusive Hoodlums Merchandise and Apparel in the bookstore!

T-shirts, Hoodies, Lighters and more. The bookstore has everything you need!  When you order official Educated Hoodlums Apparel, make sure that you scan the branded QR Code on your sleeve. Your shirts and hoodies are actually your members-only passes to a special portal!


The Library:

Read Exclusive Content from Black Writers for Free...

An archive and blog for Black writers, of all ages, to submit, publish and read journals, essays, devotionals, poems, think pieces and more!

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